Shape Shifting the Transition


We are at a unique point in the evolution of human consciousness. We stand at the threshold of unprecedented change and transformation. The technology explosion and information revolution is radically altering the established game plan. Inexorably, we find ourselves in a moral, ethical, economic and religious dilemma. There seem to be no linear solutions to the culmination of age old problems. Attempts to deal with them within the context of the old paradigm only seems to make them worse.

According to Ilya Prigogine’s Theory of Dissipating Structures, when a system is under duress, a critical mass is reached and the system “dissipates” and restructures at a higher perspective. In terms of the volatile cultural, economic and religious structures still in place today, we are clearly in severe crisis.

What is being called for is a new Vision. One which embraces co-existence and co-creation over domination and exploitation. A quantum leap in the awareness of how we see ourselves, our relationships with others and to the global environment is crucial if we are to successfully navigate the transition from the old paradigm to the new.

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