Reclaiming Vision to Manifest a New Paradigm


There are no linear solutions to the moral, fiscal and environmental crisis we face today. All attempts to handle these issues with the old mindset seem doomed to an awful and protracted failure, giving rise to even greater disempowerment and confusion. No way out. As stultifying as this may seem, it is actually very good news. It provides the right conditions for the one element which promises a dynamic solution to the insurmountable problems plagueing the planet. The radical transformation of consciousness. This is the wild card in the deck.

The ‘negative’ conditions outlined above constitute precisely the right environment needed for radical transformation. It just doesn’t happen when things are hunky dory and sweet. Human consciousness is notoriously asleep when things are comfortable, predictable and certain. All initiation rites involve facing the unknown and the very real possibility of annihilation.

In facing this challenge, the hero or initiate transcends ordinary awareness to be “reborn” into a new identity. One in which the old ‘problems’ are resolved and unified into a higher perspective. Today, we face the very real possibility of global annihilation whether it be through the agency of war, nuclear fallout or natural catastrophe. It seems to me that these are necessary ingredients required to make the quantum leap of consciousness beyond what is already known into something entirely new, utterly discontinuous from the past. It is the firing of consciousness in the alchemical crucible.

Once the polarity gap has been bridged and unity consciousness dissolves the illusory veils of separation, the world is made anew. Perception is everything. With fresh eyes, Existence cannot help but deliver a new vision.

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