Aya: A global transmission

For many years Darpan has been leading shamanic retreats around the world utilising the sacred healing and illuminating properties of Ayahuasca. He is dedicated to the safe usage of these plants taken in a ritual context as a powerful way to activate healing and the expansion of consciousness on a personal and collective scale.

“I would never have had the temerity to walk this Path had it not been for the invitation extended to me by these sacred plants. It is my trust in their wisdom and guidance that has instilled in me the courage to journey deeply into the Mysteries they reveal.”

From ancient roots deep in the jungle, Ayahuasca has rapidly insinuated its sphere of influence into modern society as a potent evolutionary driver. Its mission: to release Humanity from slavery to outdated paradigms and awaken them to divine purpose and their multi dimensional nature.
This talk is an entertaining and insightful account of one man’s experience. A collection of stories, dreams, visions and reflections garnered from 20 years of walking in the footsteps of “La Madrecita”.
Vivid accounts of meetings with extraordinary healers, teachers and sages are richly interspersed with evolutionary downloads received directly via the transformative powers of this remarkable Medicine.

Darpan speaks with authority, insight and humour on a topic which is currently galvanizing significant world attention.

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