Opening the Third Ear


A transcendental sound journey into the inner depths…

Music, soound and pure harmonic tones are excellent tools to facilitate Magical Storytelling and the process of Guided Visualisation. When we combine certain tones and sounds with specific imagery we are initiating a Sacred Journey.

Through them we experience new dimensions and unexplored aspects of ourselves deep within. This process is able to elicit dramatic effects within the body and open up whole new vistas of awareness. Over the years I have been experimenting extensively with these tools and found them to be amongst the safest and most effective means of altering consciousness and accessing the deep self.

They also have the wonderful side effect of tuning the energy body and restoring the balance between the outer and inner worlds. Through silence we can travel to the original source and back to the end of creation. For me, sound is creative, pure spirit and can be used to penetrate the silence so that we might come to know ourselves as that. Listening then becomes the mode of active awareness of our intrinsic harmony, which simply translates as…..

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