Sacred Sound / Harmonic Over-toning

Sacred Sound / Harmonic Over-toning is energy. Music is the original template of creation. It is within sound and it is within silence. It is the rhythm of consciousness and it is the harmonics of life. It is the universal language which brings together heaven, earth, now and the future in one glorious indivisable moment. It is said that the creation of the universe occurred through sound and hence all the various dimensions and planes of existence came into being. Breath, tone and witnessing are keys for the attunement of these inner and outer worlds. Through them we may apprehend the Great Mystery……the eternal unfathomable unity embedded within the endless play of consciousness in form. Music is the sound of light is the tone of creation is the colour of melody and the fragrance of touch. It is the joyful expression of love and appreciation for all manifested forms in all their unique novelty and diversity.

Music and pure harmonic tones are excellent tools to facilitate Magical Storytelling and the process of Guided Visualisation. When we combine certain tones and sounds with specific imagery we are initiating a Sacred Journey. Through them we experience new dimensions and unexplored aspects of ourselves deep within. This process is able to elicit dramatic effects within the body and open up whole new vistas of awareness. Over the years I have been experimenting extensively with these tools and found them to be amongst the safest and most effective means of altering consciousness and accessing the deep self. They also have the wonderful side effect of tuning the energy body and restoring the balance between the outer and inner worlds. Through silence we can travel to the original source and back to the end of creation. For me, sound is creative, pure spirit and can be used to penetrate the silence so that we might come to know ourselves as that. Listening then becomes the mode of active awareness of our intrinsic harmony,which simply translates as…….. a Well Being!

Music, singing and toning forms the centrepin of the work at the Vision Quest retreats. Sacred Sound and Intent are how we navigate on the Journey. You will rediscover your natural voice and the joy of singing together in harmony. The beautiful songs that we sing will open your hearts and the deep sounds we make will reconnect you to the earth.. By becoming aware of the silence within sound we travel back to the original source of creation and come to know ourselves as That. In so doing we embark upon the timeless Sacred Journey. The journey from Here to Here.

“ We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know it for the first time”

T.S. Eliot