Owning Responsibility: Moving from the 99% to the 100%


The same technology that has distorted and polluted this planet can heal it in double quick time. Technology was never the problem and will become a major part of the solution. A knife can be useful and slice bread but it can also wound and maim. It is not the knife’s fault how it is used but rather the intention of the one who wields it.

It is a flawed and immature consciousness, which must take responsibility for the misery and suffering that human beings have had to endure. Now is the time for humankind to grow up and stop shitting in it’s own backyard and waiting for someone else to clean up the mess. It is time to pull the proverbial head out of the sand and wake up. Time to take responsibility for the fact that we create our reality moment by moment. And time to realise that we are not separate, and that together we can co-create a wondrous reality beyond our wildest dreams.

With right intention and willingness, there is no limit to the love, peace and harmony we can enjoy as our natural birthright. With this awareness, human beings can become truly free. It will be the birthing of a new humanity. Freedom and responsibility are two wings of the same bird. It is our responsibility as co-creators of shared reality to hold the highest possible unified vision for all living beings and in so doing take our rightful place as conscious custodians of planet earth.

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