This process is a powerful seven day journey, which is held in the magical surrounds of SachaMama Sanctuary. It is a deep immersion into ceremony and sacred space where personal boundaries dissolve and we emerge in the one heart of our collective existence. It is an awesome journey into the multi dimensional mysteries of the deep self and the universal mind.

Bringing together ancient healing practises, sound, song and the use of visionary plants in a modern context is at the heart of what we practise and teach at a Living Heart Retreat. We use sound, meditation, ecstatic dance, prayer, invocation and satsang to awaken the natural wisdom and intelligence that already resides within us. These keys assist in the recalibration of consciousness and provide valuable insights into the wonders of nature and the mystery of our own being.

A clean, healthy diet and living close to the earth is the context within which these retreats happen. The sacred intention which animates the retreats have a special emphasis upon group relationships, transparency and nurturing conscious community.