Volumes of literature has been published concerning the upcoming galactic/planetary alignment on December 21st 2012 and yet as we inch inexorably toward this so-called end date most people still seem to be buried in their personal life stories and, at least on the surface, it looks like business as usual. That, despite a creeping anxiety in most corners of the planet that things just aren’t the way they used to be. Somewhere in the nether reaches of conscious awareness people who once had strong values, beliefs and principles are realising they can’t trust in the old ways anymore. Every day another sacred cow is sacrificed on the altar of an eroding reality. Religion, politics, education, and economics provide inadequate solutions for problems which arise and compound themselves at a faster rate than we can respond. However for those who have eyes that can see, the message is clear.

There are no linear solutions to the moral, fiscal and environmental crisis we face today. All attempts to handle these issues with the old mindset seem doomed to an awful and protracted failure, giving rise to even greater disempowerment and confusion. It’s a case of being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. No way out. As stultifying as this may seem, it is actually very good news. It inadvertently provides the right conditions for the one element which promises a dynamic solution to the insurmountable problems plagueing this planet. The radical transformation of consciousness. This is the wild card in the deck that no one in the echelons of power has had the boldness or the imagination to consider. Or perhaps closer to the truth, have done everything in their power to suppress since it necessarily involves the relinquishing of control. The ‘negative’ conditions outlined above constitute precisely the right environment needed for radical transformation. It just doesn’t happen when things are hunky dory and sweet. Human consciousness is notoriously asleep when things are comfortable, predictable and certain. All initiation rites involve facing the unknown and the very real possibility of annihilation. In facing this challenge, the hero or initiate transcends ordinary awareness to be “reborn” into a new identity. One in which the old ‘problems’ are resolved and unified into a higher perspective. Today, we face the very real possibility of global annihilation whether it be through the agency of war, nuclear fallout or natural catastrophe. It seems to me that these are necessary ingredients required to make the quantum leap of consciousness beyond what is already known into something entirely new, utterly discontinuous from the past. It is the firing of consciousness in the alchemical crucible.

Solve et Coagule (dissolve to integrate). Consciousness seems to need this dynamic push and pull of opposites in order to go beyond… it requires a gordian knot, a zen stick or a brain twisting koan to successfully deliver itself from the narrow confines of knowledge and mind. Seen in this light, it actually allows one to have compassion for the perpetrators of fascism and fear who work so diligently behind the scenes in their bid for global control. The devil knows not for whom he works. Everyone has their part to play in the cosmic drama.


Once the polarity gap has been bridged and unity consciousness dissolves the illusory veils of separation, the world is made anew. Perception is everything. With fresh eyes, Existence will bend over backwards to deliver a new vision. The same technology that has distorted and polluted this planet can heal it in double quick time. Technology was never the problem and will become a major part of the solution. A knife can be useful and slice bread but it can also wound and maim. It is not the knife’s fault how it is used but rather the intention of the one who wields it. It is a flawed and immature consciousness which must take responsibility for the misery and suffering that human beings have had to endure. Now is the time for humankind to grow up and stop shitting in its pants. Time to pull the proverbial head out of the sand and wake up. Time to take responsibility for the fact that we create our reality moment by moment. We are not separate, and together we can co-create a wondrous reality beyond our wildest dreams. With right intention and willingness, there is no limit to the love, peace and harmony we can enjoy as our natural birthright. With this awareness, human beings can become truly free. It will be the birth of a new humanity. Osho used to say freedom and responsibility are two wings of the same bird. It is our responsibility as co-creators of shared reality to hold the highest possible unified vision for all living beings and in so doing take our rightful place as conscious custodians of precious mother earth.

I’m an optimist and believe that even in the face of immense challenges and upheaval, all will be well. In the timeless world of the dreamtime, I have seen that it is so. As a very dear friend of mine is wont to say, “The game has been won! The goal has been kicked!” Its true and certainly good to know. But before we witness this truth at the end of time we still have to play out the last vestiges of the final drama on the dear old weary battlefield of…time.

© Darpan 2009