About Darpan

Darpan has woven together 25 years of experience in music, healing and the performing arts to create a unique transmission that entertains, enlivens and transforms. Bringing people together to create an unambiguous experience of our common Source is the intention which inspires his work. A skillful blend of ritual, song and celebration are the means by which he achieves the goal.
Sound is one of the great gifts we have been blessed with which can be used to expand awareness in all of our bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

In the sessions and events that he facilitates, he utilises live and recorded music, visualisation and guided imagery, pure tones, crystal singing bowls, gongs, bells and other-generators of Harmonic Resonance. When we combine these elements with a specific intent we are initiating a Sacred Journey. By listening with awareness, we ride the carrier wave of sound into a deep interiority where personal boundaries dissolve and we emerge in the One Heart of our collective existence. The energy that we gather in this process can be used to heal, to delight the senses, to manifest our highest truth or to penetrate the silence. Over the years he has been experimenting extensively with these tools and has found them to be amongst the safest and most effective means of altering consciousness and for reconnecting us to the reality of our multi-dimensional identity. They also have the wonderful side effect of tuning the energy body and cleansing the auric field. The result of which is: a Well Being!


Studied Drama, English Lit. and Psychology at Flinders University and graduated with B.A. Hons. (first class).
Trained in singing, acting and mime.
Instruments: Voice, guitar, percussion, synthesisers, didgeridoo, crystal and Tibetan healing bowls.
Extensive studies in Transpersonal Psychology and the work of Dr. Stanislav Grof.
Studied Shao Lin martial arts for 12 years with Dr. Tennyson Yu (Sydney)
Experienced in Humaniversity therapeutic practice.
Extensive experience in group therapy and Osho meditations (Tantra, Tibetan Pulsing, Shamanic Healing, acupressure, bioenergetics)
Before dedicating his life to the Healing Power of Sound Darpan enjoyed many years of experience as a professional actor, musician and composer.

HYPNOTHERAPIST ( Osho Commune International)
SEMINAR LEADER – “The Healing Voice”
– “The Third Ear”
– “Sound and Silence”
– “Secret of the Buddhas” ( Osho meditations/Chi Kung)
Have travelled extensively overseas delivering seminars (Japan, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland)
VISION QUEST GUIDE (guided shamanic rituals)